A 24-hour experience at The Herbfarm

You’ll begin your day at 8 a.m. as you join The Herbfarm’s garden staff at the farm. There you’ll help the crew harvest food for the restaurant kitchen. LEARN MORE


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Meet The Herbfarm Staff

Bruce Achtermann

Bruce Achtermannsommelier

Bruce Achtermann is in charge of The Herbfarm’s beverage program. Bruce is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and spent 25 years as an international purser with Northwest Airlines. For 7 years, he was a wine specialist with Whole Foods Markets and sold more Washington wines than any Whole Foods in America.

As a guest service supervisor for Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, he helped develop their “Ultimate Tasting” Program. Bruce is certified by both the International Sommelier Guild as well as the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Tysan Dutta

Tysan DuttaSommelier

Herbfarm sommelier Tysan Dutta brings years of wine experience to her position of sommelier at The Herbfarm. Tysan is a Vassar grad and has two MBAs.

She has worked extensively in New York City, Portland, Oregon and here in Seattle. She brings a particular passion to her position. Tysan is a board member of the International Pinot Noir Celebration and a long-time Advanced Level Teacher for the International Sommelier Guild.