Herbfarm 9-Course Dinners with all 5 wines are between $205 and $285 per person plus tax and service, depending on the day of the week. Special pricing applies to special events.


A $50 per person deposit will be charged at the time your reservation is accepted. This deposit is fully refundable until noon of the Monday prior to your reservation (except on certain holidays).

Your card will not be charged until Rosemary has reviewed the reservation.

If you provide a gift certificate number during the reservation process that covers your entire meal, no deposit will be charged to the card you place on file with us.

The balance (if any) will be charged to your credit card the night of your dinner so you will not be bothered with a bill.


Please allow 4 to 5 hours for dinner. Join us 30 minutes before dinner for an Introduction/Garden Tour. Indoor or outdoor depending on the weather.

Choose From These Themes and Dates:

A Menu for Two Hearts February 17th February - 21st
A Menu for Red Heads (red wines) February 22nd March - 10th
Super Cattle in Seattle March 14th April - 11th
Chambers of the Sea April 12th April - 28th
A Menu for a Native Forager's Dinner May 3rd May - 19th
Salmon Nation May 23rd June - 9th
June's Silver Spoon June 13th June - 30th
Nine Songs of Summer July 5th July - 28th