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Ron's Weekly Saturday, July 24, 2021

Taste the Songs of Summer

This week a new wave of summery flavors fill the larder and also your stomach and heart. Your evening opens with the colorful flavors of edible flowers on a pizza in our wood-burning oven. Then, after the hosted Garden Tour, the adventure continues with 9 courses of summer goodness.

Everything is fresh harvested or made or fermented right in house!

So loosen the belt and join us for this week as Chef Chris Weber works with the marvels of the Northwest. The glow of candles and romantic Spanish guitar waits to enchant you.

Our nightly Garden Tour begins at 6:30 (indoors around the fire if it's raining). Come at 6:10 (3:40 on Sunday), and we'll also have an Open House in the Wine Cellar where you can check out the 15,000 bottles of wines covering some 4,000 selections! This is also the most extensive collection of Oregon and Washington wines in the world.

I invite you to join us again this season for a remarkable and memorable evening. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or just the pure joy of living. To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 PM, or here with our online system 24 hours a day!

See you soon!


Current Theme: Nine Songs of Summer
Explore the unfolding flavors of summer in the Northwest. Each course showcases an exceptional ingredient in a cavalcade of 9 summery delights.
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