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Ron's Weekly Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Celebration in Native Truffles

So much has changed here in the Northwest since I was a kid. Logging trucks no longer clog the roads. Most of the salmon fishery has moved north. And we're eating local truffles, which were totally unknown "back then."

For the uninitiated, we are not talking about chocolate candy. No, this is the real deal, mysterious underground fungi akin to the legendary truffles of France and Italy. Yes, the Pacific Northwest is a natural Mecca for these fragrant treasures. They've grown here for thousands of years, but have only been harvested in any serious manner for the past twenty or so.

This week our attention turns to truffles. This time of the year is when the Oregon Black and the White overlap their seasons. That great gourmet, James Beard, extolled their virtues 40 years ago. We'll be working with both blacks and whites as the kitchen unfolds a magical menu.

Our nightly Indoor Garden Tour begins at 6:30. Come at 6:10 (3:40 on Sunday) and we'll also have an Open House in the Wine Cellar where you can check out the 22,000 bottles of wines covering some 5,000 selections! This is also the most extensive collection of Oregon and Washington wines in the world.

As always, the extraordinary 9-course dinner with 6 wines is graced by guitar music, candlelight, and opportunities to sneak out to give a snack to our little pigs, Basil and Borage.

Treat yourself. Come and celebrate with family and friends. We have room for you this weekend and next!

To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 p.m., or here on line 24 hours a day!


Current Theme: Truffle Treasure
The wild native truffles of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia will seduce you!
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